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Common material

Needle valves in the body and bonnet normally, disc, seat and disc (stem, hot slice, packing and driving device (the handwheel, gear box or pneumatic, electric equipment, etc.).
Needle valve body, the type of material for shell bonnet materials (also called the main materials), wedge disc, seat and valve stem sphere, often called seal seat, in addition, also fasteners, seals, etc.
According to the classification of main materials/shell, needle valve can be divided into:
1 needle valve: metal materials, such as steel, stainless steel valve valve valve, valve, valve, titanium alloy cast iron monel valve, valve, aluminum alloy, copper alloy valve, valve, etc.
2 needle valve body metal liner, such as rubber lining valve, valve, fluorine plastic valve valve, lead, lining enamel valve.
3 needle valve nonmetal materials such as ceramic, glass, plastic valve valve, valve.

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