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American standard needle and thread meter measuring valve is an important component part of pipeline system, mainly globe valves and valve, its function is open or cut pipe pathways.
The card needle valve Angle is easy installation, connect to tighten, fire, explosion, and high pressure, good seal performance ability, power stations, refinery, chemical equipment and instrument measurement of an advanced way of connection of valve.
J43W/H flange needle valve sealing good, long service life, even after sealing damages, you only need to change, can continue to use parts of vulnerability. When installation should make medium flow and the direction of arrow on valve body. Manual cut-off valve, valve can be installed in any position on the pipeline.
High seal sampling valve sealing valve refers to prevent leakage of medium sealing parts of ability, it is the most important technology valve performance. The valve seal three parts: part and seat sealing contact between the two, Packing and stem and packing of the letter and the place, Body and bonnet joints. The first one is called the leak leakage, is also usually say the lax, it will affect the ability to truncate the medium valve. To stop valve.which class, leakage is not allowed. After the two called leakage, namely the leakage from the valve leakage of medium to valve inside. Leakage causes loss, environmental pollution, serious when still can cause accidents. For inflammable, explosive, toxic or radiation leakage of medium, is not allowed, so the valve must be reliable sealing performance.
Through the valve will produce medium pressure loss (both before and after the valve pressure), also is the flow of medium valve has certain resistance, resistance to overcome the medium of valve shall consume some energy. From energy saving, design and manufacture of the valve, the valve to reduce the resistance to flow media.
Opening and closing power and torque is open to open or close the valve which must exert forces or torque. Close valve, need to make the open-close part and seat sealing formed between the two sealing pressure, must also overcome stem and packing, stem and nuts screw, stem of supporting and other friction friction, thus must exert some closing force and moment, close the valve open process, in which the hoist and open to change, the torque is the maximum is in the closed end of the instantaneous or open first instantaneous. Design and manufacturing valve should strive to reduce its closing force and closed torque.
Hoist speed is complete with the valve opens and closes the time needed to action. Generally the valve open speed, but some strict requirements on hoist speed conditions have special requirements, such as some quick open or closed, in order to avoid accident, some requirements to produce water slowly closing, etc, which struck in the valve type selection should be considered.
This refers to the valve for medium, make corresponding variation parameter sensitivity reactions. For the throttle valve, the regulator, etc, and is used to regulate the valve and relief valve medium parameters, trap has specific functions of the valve, the sensitivity and reliability function is very important technical performance index.
Durable service life of valve, the valve is an important performance index, and has great significance to the economy. Usually in the opening and closing of the sealing requirements can guarantee to say, can also be used to use time.

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