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Needle valve summary

Needle valves: meter measuring pipeline system is an important part, the main valve, cut-off valve, and its function is open or cut pipe pathways. Needle valves with convenient installation and removal, connect to fire, explosion or compression capacity, high performance advantages, such as good sealing is power, oil refinery, chemical equipment and instrument measurement of an advanced way of connection of valve. Needle valve sealing good, long service life, even after sealing damages, you only need to change, can continue to use parts of vulnerability. Needle valves should be installed to the flow of medium and direction of arrow on valve body. Manual cut-off valve, valve can be installed in any position on the pipeline. Needle valves can be adjusted accurately is a versatile valves, such as flame cutting away with the flame temperature adjustment, cut the needle valve is knob instrument meter measuring needle valve is an important part in the pipeline system, mainly globe valves and valve, its function is open or cut pipe pathways. The role of any valve for cutting fluid. According to the different valve core, can be divided into the gate valve, cut-off valve, the valve plug valve disc, and needle valve, valve, etc. Of the needle valve valve core is a very sharp cone, like the needle inserted seat, hence the name needle valve. Fractal than other types of valve can be tolerated greater pressure, sealed performance is good, so commonly used for small flow, high pressure gas or liquid medium sealing needle valve. And gauges used are the most suitable for the needle valve. General shape is made threaded connections

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