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JJM1 Pressure Gage Needle Valve

manufacturer: Shanghai Fengqi Industry Development Co., Ltd.

Tel: 86 (21) 3652 8716
Mob: (86) 138 1635 6498

product drawing

JJM1 pressure gage needle valves
JJM1 pressure gage needle valves

Dimensions & constructral diagram

JJM1 pressure gage needle valve constructral diagram
JJM1 pressure gage needle valve constructral diagram

The materials of main parts

Part name Body,Bonnet, bolt Stem, disc,Sealing ring Packing Gasket Handwheel
JJM1-160-DN5 Cr-Ni Stainless steel Stainless steel PTFE,flexible graphite rubber asbestos  High quality carbon steel

Main performance and specification

Type Nominal pressure(MPa) Test pressure PS(MPa) Working pressure(Mpa) Working temperature (℃) Applicable medium
Shell (MPa) Sealing (liquid) Sealing (gas)
JJM1-160-DN5 16.0 24.0 17.6 0.6 16.0 P≤540℃ Petroleum gas Water,acid,Steam, Oil, etc.

Main External and connection dimensions(mm)

Type Nominal diameter Dimensions Weight(kg)
L1 Do L2 H H1 L3 M1 M2
JJM1-160 5 116 65 85 98 105 40 M20×1.5左 M20×1.5 1.0
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